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Born and raised the mean streets of New Orleans Robert (Dj Platinum) Washington found a way to channel his energy. Growing up as a kid he observed his sister boyfriend who was into music and pick up on his musical gift. In 2008, he was finally ready to test the waters and try to emulate what he had heard and seen as a kid. Finally getting his grove and studying under one of New Orleans on prominent Dj "Dj Silver" he became Dj Platinum in homage to his teacher. Robert has appeared at over 40 club in the New Orleans metro area and out skirts. He is a well polished Dj and is constantly progressing. Currently he has his on Dj Coalition "The Nola Dj's" founded in 2015 Dj Platinum is well off and is becoming and Icon in his city. His style is Infectious once you hear his play selection you instantly become hood. World get ready another star is on the rise!


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Whoa, what's poppin folks. My name is DJ Platinum and this is the #PlatinumPullUp show. On this show we "pull-up" on your favorite artists, hosts, entrepreneurs, business owners, even politicians and interview them to give you insight to what they been doing and what are they doing now. Check out #PlatinumPullUp.

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